Larisa T. Adjubey
Associate Professor


Position: Associate Professor
Degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Science
Title: Associate Professor
Room: 209
Phone: 259-05-32
Research interests: theory of optimal control, mathematical methods in economics


Mathematical analysis


1. Minimax Estimates for functionals of Solutions of wave Equation with time-periodik-Right-Hand Sides. (with A.Naconechny, Yu.Podlipenko), J. of Mathematical sciences, V.77 ,№5,1996, 3432-3438.  

2. About using of neuron networks for fuzzy financial data prediction (with E. Ivokhin) App.Papers of Intern.Conf. PDMU-2012. Brno,Chech Republic, 2012. P.71-77.

Curriculum Vitae