V.I. Rabanovich
Associate Professor


Position: Associate Professor
Degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Science
Title: senior researcher
Room: 220
Phone: 044-259-02-80
E-mail: rvislavik@gmail.com
Research interests: representation theory of algebras, in particular, decomposition of an operator intoa linear combination of special operators or into a product of operators;representation theory of Braid groups, spectra of weighted graphs, inverseproblems on weighted graphs and matrices; image recognition problems,quantum information theory,  frames, and quantum channels

Academic awards:

1. Presidential Grant for Young Scientists, 2004


1. Algebra and geometry, bachelor's, 1 year, lectures and practical classes.


1. When a sum of idempotents or orthoprojections is a multiple of identity (with Yu. S. Samoilenko), Func. Anal. and Appl.,  34, no. 4, (2000) 311-313.

2. Scalar operator representable as a sum of projectors (with       Yu. S. Samoilenko), Ukrainian Math. Jour., 53, no. 7 (2001) 1116--1133.

3. On decomposition of the identity into a sum of idempotents (with  T. Ehrhardt, Yu. Samoilenko and B.Silbermann), Meth. of Func. Anal. and Topology, no. 2,(2001) 1-6.

4. On sums of projections (with S. Kruglyak and Yu. Samoilenko),   Func. Anal. and Appl., 36,  no. 3, (2002) 182-195.

5. Decomposition of a scalar matrix into a sum of orthogonal  projections (with S. Kruglyak and Yu. Samoilenko), Linear Algebra and its Appl.   370, (2003) 217-225.

6.   When is a sum of partial reflections equal to a scalar operator (with A. S. Mellit and Yu. S. Samoilenko), Func. Anal. and Appl. 38, no. 2, (2004)  157-160.

7. Every matrix is a linear combination of three idempotents. Linear Algebra and Its Appl.  390, (2004) 137-143.

8.   Multicommutators and multianticommutators of orthogonal projections (with V. Mazorchuk), Linear and Multilinear Algebra,   56(6), (2008) 639-646.

Curriculum Vitae