Volodymyr A. Zaslavsky


Position: Professor
Degree: Doctor of Technical Science
Title: Professor
Room: 711
Phone: 259-04-27
E-mail: zas@unicyb.kiev.ua
Research interests: risk analysis and optimization, informational security and cryptography, corporate systems


  1. V. Zaslavsky, V. Ievgiienko Risk analyses and redundancy for protection of critical infrastructure. // Monographs of System Dependability, Oficyna Widawnicza Politechniki Wroclawskiej, Wroclaw, Poland, 2010, p. 161-173
  2. The Information Technology Contribution to the Building of a Safe Regional
    /Edited by V.Zaslavskii and MGen E.Greindl/ Proceeding and Abstracts AFCEA
    Europe Kiev Seminar, Kiev Ukraine May, 28-29, 1998, 230 p.
  3. National report on aligning academic programmes and quality assurance with EU standards/ P.Hyland, D.Quin, V.Zaslavskyi and other, Sumy publishing house, 2017.-55 p.

Curriculum Vitae

History of creation and development of the educational-scientific program "Business Informatics"