Research Laboratories and Sectors

Research Interests:

  • development of new methods for decision theory and forecasting of processes in the conditions of deterministic, stochastic and fuzzy uncertainties
  • creation of algorithms and software for systems of different nature process analysis 

Full name: Office Research interests
LR Yury K. Podlipenko 604 mathematical physics, estimation theory in terms of uncertainty for partial differential equations
SR Olena A. Kapustian 402 problem minimax estimation and forecasting, systems analysis and decision-making theory
HRS Anatolii O. Pashko 405 theory of random processes, statistical simulation, data science, information security
JR Inna M. Nazaraga 609 modeling and forecasting of economic processes using modern information technologies
JR Ksenia D. Protasova 609 information systems, graph theory
JR Taras P. Zinko 609 methods of classification and clustering applications, pattern recognition
LE Tetiana V. Korobko 402
LE Maria V. Loseva 604
Full name: Office Research interests
HRS Dmytro B. Bui 603 theory of composite-type software algebras, fixed-point theory, database theory, compositional SQL semantics, modern CASE tools
JR Tetiana S. Parfirova 603
R Serhii A. Poliakov 603
SR Liudmyla M. Silveistruk 603
SE Alla V. Bondar 603
SE Olena V. Shyshatska 603 формальна розробка програм, програмні алгебри, багатозначні логіки

Research Interests:

  • intelligent data processing and algorithmic aspects of calculations
  • mathematical methods of possibility theory and its application
  • information and communication technologies of social orientation

Research Projects

  • Fundamental Project №11BF015-05 "Creating Theoretical Foundations of Methods and Software for Intellectualization of Information and Communication and Transformer Technologies" within the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv "Informatization of Society" scientific program (Customer is the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).

  • Applied Project №14BP015-06 "Methods and Computer Tools for the Recognition and Modeling of Communication Information" within the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University "Informatization of Society" scientific program (customer is the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).


  • New methods of modeling and recognition of visual information, mimic and psycho-emotional states of the person, voice language information, clustering and classification of information, new methods of sign language research, creation of computer systems for medicine and education, construction of new non-contact interfaces with the computer , addressing the problems of converting text information into voice and gesture forms.

  • IT signature language learning is state-implemented, accessible to all users and used as the Gesture Reproduction Standard. Adaptation methods are implemented in the industrial robots management system. They are undergoing the stage of implementation of IT emotion recognition, voicing texts in Ukrainian, rehabilitation of patients, etc.

Full name: Office Research interests
HRS Veda S. Kasyanyuk 38-2 mathematical modeling and computational methods, systems analysis and theory of optimal solutions, including decision-making under uncertainty, probability-theoretical and possibility-theoretical methods of processing and interpretation of results of experiments and the applying these methods for the tasks of optimal evaluation, restoration of functional dependencies, recognition and mathematical modeling
SR Alexandre A. Lyaletskiy 38-2 lambda-calculus, model theory, general algebra, group theory
R Andriy L. Zavorotnyy 38-2 probability-theoretical and possibility-theoretical methods of processing and interpretation of results of experiments and the applying these methods for the tasks of optimal evaluation, restoration of functional dependencies, recognition and mathematical modeling
LE Iryna I. Volchyna 38-2 logical-mathematical specifications and creation of systems for searching proofs, developing the methods and information technologies for modeling and recognition of gesture information
LE Natalia I. Garkusha economic cybernetics, information technologies, decision-making, mathematical modeling, advanced data processing methods, mathematical modeling and analysis of population models, modeling social strata of society, systems analysis and theory of optimal solutions, decision-making under uncertainty, modelling of dynamic processes of ecological systems
E Ludmila M. Malutenko 38-2 mathematical formalisms for data processing and data analysis in fuzzy environment
E Andriy O. Golik 405 clustering and classification, speech and Ukrainian tactile sign language recognition, programming, algorithms

Research Interests:

  • topology and groups
  • combinatorics of ultrafilters
  • asymptotic analysis of complex systems
  • queuing theory
  • game theory and job shop scheduling
  • system analysis of multichannel stochastic networks
  • controlled queuing systems
  • software development for statistical treatment of data

Research Projects

  • Fundamental Project № 11BF015-06, "Problems of decision making and system analysis of stochastic networks", 2011-2015 (Customer – the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).
  • Applied Project № 11BP015-01, "Developing the information system «Electronic university» by using algebraic and stochastic models", 2009-2013 (Customer – the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).


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Full name: Office Research interests
LR Igor V. Protasov 220 algebra, topology, combinatorics, applied mathematics
HRL Anatoly V. Nikitin 220 system analysis, stability, optimization of solutions of stochastic differential equations and finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces
SR Serguei I. Dotsenko 220 game theory, mathematical modeling
JR Vadym D. Ponomarov 709 random processes, optimal control of stochastic systems, modern programming technologies, evaluation theory
LE Olga V. Kucherenko 706 а mathematical methods of applied statistics, packages of applied statistics, methods and algorithms of stochastic systems modelling, development of distance learning courses on probability theory and mathematical statistics
LE Olga V. Lukovich 709 data analysis, modelling of systems, software for processing and data analysis
E Irina Ya. Usar 709 стохастичні системи масового обслуговування, оптимальне керування інформаційними потоками в стохастичних системах, методи розрахунку стаціонарних характеристик для систем масового обслуговування, пакети статистичних програм

Research Interests:

  • differential equations in partial derivatives
  • optimal management of systems with distributed parameters
  • applied functional analysis
  • theory of extreme problems
  • approximate methods
  • computer modeling of complex fluid, gas, and plasma mechanics processes
  • statistical methods of pattern recognition and their application in biomedical research

Full name: Office Research interests
HRL Oleh B. Stelia 218
SR Stanislav S. Zub 214
LE Tetiana S. Kivva 214
E Ivan V. Kirichenko 214
SR Gennadii V. Sandrakov 212 asymptotic methods, theory of averaging, equations of mathematical physics, mathematical hydrodynamics, variational problems, numerical mathematics, simulation, functional analysis
JR Leonid I. Potapenko 218
LE Olena A. Bilousova 214
E Svitlana V. Stanislavska 237
LE Ihor P. Sirenko 218
LE Larysa K. Rak 237
LE Iryna Yu. Simyanchuk 236

Research Interests:

  • optimal control
  • mathematical modeling
  • special numerical methods
  • stability analysis, sensitivity,control, observability, adequacy, feasibility of systems
  • the evaluation parameters and functional solutions, systems with variable dimension of phase space
  • pseudoinverse matrices
  • optimization of distributed systems with generalized impact and incomplete data
Full name: Office Research interests
HTL Grigoriy I. Kudin 408 structural optimization in control systems, digital processing of information using pseudoinverse methods, modeling of organic pollutants disposal, system analysis of economic systems with perturbation of elements of models
SR Alexander M. Bashnyakov 412 негладка оптимізація динамічних систем, задачі практичної стійкості динамічних процесів, оптимальне керування матричними диференціальними рівняннями
LC Mykola A. Kosovets 408 створення відмовостійких мультипроцесорних систем реального часу, створення інтелектуальних радарних систем, створення телекомунікаційних широкосмугових радіосистем, створення відео систем видимого, інфрачервоного та терагерцового діапазону
R Igor A. Kutsenko 409 development of algorithms for determination of optimal estimations of practical stability sets, development of algorithms of structurally-parametrical and minimax optimization in control systems, interpolation and minimax (Chebyshev) approximation of the continuous functions (surfaces) and functions (surfaces) the breaks by means of multivariate spline-function on chaotic net, construction of numerical models in case of "a black box" when only following information is available: a multivariate vector of "input" and its appropriate scalar size "on an output", time series analysis and the prognosis by means of underdetermined and overdetermined systems of equations
R Valentyna M. Petrovych 411 the interactive software package has been developed for automation of the experimental data processing and for solving dynamic systems mathematical models parameters of algorithms for linear and nonlinear of dynamical systems identification problems, creating and software implementation numerical-analytical algorithms for solving Cauchy problems for special type multidimensional systems has been designed and implementded, development of subsystems motion simulation of aircraft and technological processes, the use of matrix operations psevdooberascheniya to linear identification
JR Oleksandr A. Polishchuk 412 pattern recognition, digital signal processing, machine learning
JR Igor O. Stelia 411 mathematical modeling of human speech apparatus in the problems of computer synthesis, GIS, databases, decision support systems
JR Tetjana O. Pichkur 412 phraseology transformation in the discourse of contemporary German and Austrian print advertising
LE Vadim A. Visotsky 409 software development and support, technology progress prognostication
LE Nataliya M. Trebina 411 research and modeling of voice signals for the synthesis problem
E Andrii Yu. Kobzar 409 image processing, 3D reconstruction

Research Interests:

  • systems of parallel programming
  • local algorithms on discrete structures
  • algorithms for associative and local search in semantic networks
  • computational linguistics
  • artificial intelligence problems
  • computer graphics
  • information security in computer networks
  • intelligent knowledge bases
  • distributed computing
  • e-learning systems
  • transformer technology construction machinery
  • timer coding
  • mobile robotic devices "Exoskeleton"

Research Projects

  • Fundamental Project № 11BF015-05, "Creating a theoretical base, methods and application tools of intellectualization of information-communication and transformer technologies",2011-2015 (Customer – the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).

  • Fundamental Project № 06BF015-01, "Creation of theoretical base, methods and means of intellectualization of information and communication technologies for distributed computer systems",2006-2010 (Customer – the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).

  • Applied Project № RD/374/20-0514 "Handwriting character blocks recognition algorithms for mobile devices", 2014 (Customer – "Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company").

  • Applied Project № RD/381/29-0514 "Identification and analysis of named text entities", 2014 (Customer – "Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company").

  • Applied Project № 13DP015-01 "Realistic morphing algorithms for mobile devices", 2013 (Customer – "Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company").

  • Applied Project № 13DP015-02 "Identification and tracking of heterogeneous coreferential and other relations between text entities", 2013 (Customer – "Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company").

  • Applied Project № 12DP015-01 "Prototyping of efficient data encryption algorithms", 2013 (Customer – "Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company").

  • Applied Project № 12DP015-02 "Prototyping of algorithms for communication channel parameter matching for groups of agents in open distributed environments", 2013 (Customer – "Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company").

  • Applied Project № 12DP015-03 "Prototyping and implementation of algorithms for searching, tracking and semantic markup of concept environments in text documents", 2012 (Customer – "Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company").

  • Applied Project № 12DP015-01 "Development of new types of geometric object representation and algorithms for optimal processing of large object deformation processes", 2012 (Customer – "Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company").

  • Applied Project № 10DP015-04 "The research, processing and special algorithm software implementation factorization multi modules rsa", 2010-2011 (Customer – Ukraine Foreign Intelligence Service).

  • Applied Project № 11DP015-04 "Building a system of optimal classifiers for object recognition", 2011 (Customer – "Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company").

  • Applied Project № 11DP015-05 "Development of algorithms for editing (transformation) three-dimensional surfaces (opening and composition)", 2011 (Customer – "Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company").
Full name: Office Research interests
HRL Yeugen O. Osadchyy 702 transformer technology construction machinery, timer coding, mobile robotic devices "Exoskeleton"
SR Oleg A. Horbunov 702 development of medical information transformer technology to create systems manage human health and their implementation in practice
LE Natalia M. Hryhoreva 608 information systems, databases, computational complexity
LE Olena A. Veklych 712 databases, prevention and rehabilitation systems
E Valentina V. Goncharova 703 knowledge base, semantic processing of text documents
E Tetiana M. Provotar 605 б graph theory
E Alina Ye. Andrusenko 703 Applied linguistics, intellectual knowledge bases